The Gold Creek School Parents and Citizens Association (the ‘P&C’) is committed to supporting Gold Creek School provide quality education that recognises the rights of all children to a safe, nurturing and enjoyable schooling experience.

We welcome all parents, carers and community members with an interest in Gold Creek School to join the P&C and to help promote greater community engagement with the school and public schooling in the ACT.

Our objectives

The P&C aims to:

  • promote the interests of the school and ACT public schooling;
  • encourage the close collaboration of teaching staff, parents, students, the school board, Holy Spirit School Board and Holy Spirit P&F;
  • provide a forum where members can contribute to the development of the goals and policies of the school;
  • concurrently provide a forum where members can contribute to formulation of policies and programs for ACT public schooling;
  • provide parents with a means of raising and discussing matters of general concern and interest;
  • provide a means by which parent members of the school board keep in touch with parent views, receive input on matters to be decided and report back on decisions taken;
  • affiliate with the Council and to participate in its work;
  • make representations to appropriate authorities relating to the well-being and safety of students; and
  • assist with the provision of equipment for educational, recreational and sporting use for the school.

Get involved in your P&C!

3 responses to “Home

  1. Hi, I was wonder if you are having another open night due to the time on the 1st and 17th May I was unable to make it and I would really like to have a look before enrolling my daughter for next year. I look forward to hearing from you.

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